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Being creative is a human instinct, setting us apart from other species.

We believe every child is born with the curiosity and freedom to explore through creativity. Children can create art through mark-making, scribbles and making mess often before they can put words together.


It is a way of communicating ideas, thoughts, and experiences. We believe we have a responsibility as practitioners to keep this creative energy alive through primary and secondary school and set them up to be explorers with an openness to learning, visual thinkers, and problem solvers, with massive imaginations and confidence to express themselves. To find out more please contact us for more information.

Based in Shipley, West Yorkshire, we cover all of the UK.


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Artworks Education works closely with your school to develop a bespoke package to support your needs. Whether in planning, progression, or CPD. We also facilitate specialist art workshops and can support transforming your school learning environment. Our vision is to collaborate with you in developing and supporting building a culture of excellence through creativity in your school. 

We can work with your teachers to support with planning sequences of lessons linked to the wider learning that focus on building on skills over time. We offer CPD in drawing, painting, sculpture, print, and textiles as well as planning, progression and sketchbooks aiming to build staff skills and confidence in teaching and delivering fantastic art opportunities for their children. We also love to be hands-on working alongside children facilitating large-scale workshops or team teaching with your staff modeling high-quality art lessons.

We understand each school has its own needs and is on its own artistic journey so want to work with you to create a package of support that fits your school. For examples see our package example and current projects. 


For more details than please get in touch. 

Email - for any queries you may have.